This is a page where you can find many of the simple utilities I have written over the years. They are considered utilities because they can be ran without much instruction and usually just have a single function. They run on Windows 9x/ME, 2000, and XP unless otherwise noted. They are not for distribution without the authors permission. They are provided as-is without warranty.

By downloading any of the utilities on this page you are automatically agreeing to the Licence Agreement. It can be found here.

Burrows v0.96 [Beta]

Burrows Settings DialogBurrows Tray Menu

This utility simplifies the automation and creation of secure ssh tunnels. It can load on user login and can optionally connect on login as well. It is released under GPL v2.0 licence, so feel free to look at the source. It is written in AutoIt v3.+.

    There are many uses for this:

  • Creating a secure proxy.
  • Securely connect to another machine and point all the network traffic from a specified application to use the “Burrow” or tunnel that Burrows creates as the proxy for the data.
  • Use it to VNC or Remote Desktop securely to a home machine when at work.

The point is, the options are endless.

Download Burrows

NOTE: This application does not setup the ssh server that you are connecting to so that is up to the user to do.
Here are a couple of articles on how to do that: (Just pay attention to server setup sections. Burrows takes care of all the Putty configuration stuff for you.)

C(ontrol)CD v1.00

CCD screenshot

This is a very simple application that can open and shut the CD/DVD drive door.

Disable ScreenSaver v1.00

Disable ScreenSaver sets the screensaver option to (none) for each user. It can also be used to script this action on every reboot. There is more information on how to use this utility in the readme.txt that comes with the download.

DLL Function View v2.00

Dll Function View v2.0 Screenshot

DLL Function View is a simple but useful tool to see what functions are exported in a dynamic link library. This can be helpful for people that are just curious about what the function names are in a dll, but also this can come in very handy for software developers to use to see if there functions were actually exported and if the function calls are “name mangled“.

Open_Add and Remove Programs v1.01

This little tool just makes it easy to open the Add and Remove Programs control panel in Windows. I wrote it with the intent to make it easy to add this functionality to the ‘Quick Launch’ toolbar.

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