BCX DevSuite Pro

Everything you need to develop software with BCX, all wrapped up into ONE single install file. The public asked for it and now RJP Computing has stepped up. RJP Computing has been using this in house for a few months and thought I should offer it to the general public. There are added bonuses too.

Features that require NO CONFIGURATION

  • BCX [The BASIC To C Translator]
  • PellesC Compiler with help
  • Programmers Notepad configured to launch upon double clicking *.bas and *.inc files.
  • Programmers Notepad is configured to highlight both the Windows API and BCX keywords.
  • Programmers Notepad is configured to compile all of your BCX programs right out of the box.
  • JFE is configured to highlight all known BCX keywords.
  • JFE is configured to compile all of your BCX programs right out of the box.
  • RJP Computing wrote a batch file that compiles GUI and Console programs. Now it compiles and links a *.res file automatically. The *.rc file must be in a ‘res’ directory under the *.bas file and it must have the same name as your main *.bas file.
    ex. res\exampleprog.rc
  • Moved all example code to an ‘Examples’ directory.
  • Added the Win32 API help file to the ‘bin\help’ directory of the install. (Adds 5.4 MB to download during the install)
  • Adds the correct paths to your PATH environmental variable.
    ex. PATH = c:\Program Files\bcx\bin
  • You can install the DevSuite anywhere!
  • Much smaller download. Only 10.69 MB!

Latest Version

BCX DevSuite Pro Download Information (Version 1.29)

BCX Version: 5.12
PellesC Version: 5.00.1
BCX Help File Version: 5.12
File Size: 10.69 MB
File MD5: (program to check MD5)
To download the latest version: Click Here:
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