BCX is a powerful programming language for writing 32-bit windows programs. BCX converts a BASIC style syntax to C source code that can be compiled in LCC-Win32 and PellesC. The language is evolving constantly. The BCX language is one of it’s own. Best of all BCX is FREE!!!!!

Some Benefits to using it:

  • This is actually a really great way to look at and learn C
  • It does hold similarities to QBasic, Visual Basic, and PowerBasic
  • If you have ever used any BASIC language before you will pick this up right away
  • You can make native Win32 programs without investing large amounts of money into the compiler
  • You can fill the gaps of other languages that don’t support certain features that BCX does
  • There is NO runtime needed
  • You can produce native Win32 DLL’s easily
  • It has the ease of BASIC and the power of C
  • You can mix C and Assembly directly in BCX (for advanced programmers)
  • You can use any text editor you like
  • It Is FREE!

BCX Tools

BCX DevSuite Pro: This is a complete development environment for BCX.

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