BCX DevSuite Pro v1.29 Released!

Here is a big update to the BCX DevSuite Pro. Every part has been updated. That includes Programmers Notepad 2, bcx, PellesC, and the help file. I took the win32doc download out of the installer since it didn’t work anymore because I switched to free services. There is now a link to download it in the installer.

You can find out more information about the BCX DevSuite Pro here.

Download Now

8 comments so far

  1. sean on


  2. gasdeveloper on

    Sweet, all I need to know is if there are any scripting libraries that can be used with BCX. Lets say I am writing an application and I want to allow end users to add functionality or automate stuff after it is already compiled. I just wanted to know if there is a script library that can be used.

  3. Andrew on


  4. John Spikowski on

    Ian just released a beta of DevSuite Pro which includes all the latest and greatest BCX (and others) has to offer.

  5. Jim Latham on

    This application is really nice and saves me a bunch of time. I would like to see an example of text input and output to a GUI window. Perhaps there is one there already but I haven’t found it. Can you tell I’m a newbie?

  6. Dennis on

    This is soo good, especially since version 1.44 is out already… 😉


  7. hiepsilon on

    Please reup the file, link is dead, thanks.

    • RJP Computing on

      I fixed the link to the latest version I have.

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